It takes a village to support our community and to deliver 1000s of services each year. We have two awards to recognize some of the extraordinary volunteers and supporters that make it possible to help our neighbors in need.  We could not do it without them AND each of you.


In honor of our founder and first Executive Director, The Jane Shutt Legacy Award recognizes an individual or family whose dedication to serve our neighbors and impact their quality of life personifies our mission above all others.

Susan and her husband Rob have been involved with Pineville Neighbors Place for several years. About 18 months ago she joined the PNP team as an unpaid staff member, working as many as 20 hours a week. Susan shows up every day with a smile on her face and pep in her step. She brings years of experience and leadership to our community and to the PNP team.
Susan wears many hats depending on the day, the hour or even the minute! She officially serves as the Finance Manager keeping us on track with incoming money and distribution. This year she also started managing Donor Management activities. From day to day though, you may find her answering phones, helping neighbors in the pantry, managing an event like the Potato Drop or staff appreciation at one of our schools and doing whatever it takes to serve our neighbors.
We could not do all that we do without Susan, we are incredibly grateful for her selfless dedication to serve those struggling with financial insecurity and homelessness. She truly impacts the quality of life and helps provide opportunities for our neighbors.


The Chairman’s Award recognizes an organization for their unwavering dedication to serve our neighbors. These organizations have also made a significant impact to PNP and to our community through their volunteer service and contributions.

2024 Recipients are Elevation Church, Harrison Church, Pineville Church and Pineville United Methodist Church
For our inaugural Chairman’s Award, we want to recognize and thank our faith based community who has been with us since the inception of PNP and has helped us in so many ways.  Since PNP began, they have provided over:
  • $100,000 in financial support
  • 100s of volunteers and use of your facilities
  • sponsored dozens of teacher/staff recognition events
  • provided 1000s of snack packs, hygiene kits, & dignity kits
  • done MANY campus beautification projects
  • sponsored 100s of families through your Angel Trees & toy drives
  • showers for dozens of homeless
  • recognition on your social media channels
and most importantly, their prayers.
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