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What We Do

Rent and living expenses are increasing at a faster rate than income. We work with our neighbors in financial crisis to keep them stably housed and utilities turned on. Many of our neighbors are living in extended stay hotels or are homeless because they can’t qualify for even basic housing. We work with partner agencies to enable these neighbors to move to stable housing.

It is part of our mission and crucial to our community that we empower our neighbors to be self-sufficient and have the resources to provide for their households. We want to help eliminate financial insecurity and enable economic mobility. Pineville Neighbors Place offers budget classes where the participants set their own goals, evaluate their income & expenses, and develop a budget. Subsequent classes provide accountability and support as they work towards their goals.

We also connect neighbors with our partners that can help them solve credit history issues and dive deeper into financial counseling. We work with our local businesses to find better paying and fulfilling careers for our neighbors, connect them to resources that can prepare them to apply and interview for jobs and publicize career fairs as well.

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